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Manuel Mousiol’s Time-Lapse HDRI Car Animation

Manuel Mousiol contacted me the other day to share his time-lapse HDRI car animation. Manuel’s company, Creative Control likes to work on passion projects in their spare time, and this result is certainly one of the best examples I’ve seen utilizing Hyperfocal’s time-lapses. Manuel has 10 years of experience rendering …

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Making Of Gloria Victis

Benjamin Bardou has released the making-of for Gloria Victis, which you can watch here: I emailed Ben with a few questions surrounding the creation of the film. What is your background and skill set? I’m living and working in Paris, France. I had an artistic education. I’m specialized in matte …

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Benjamin Bardou’s Gloria Victis and Other Works

gloria victis

Benjamin Bardou’s short film, Gloria Victis, is finally out now! Ben used VRay’s Sun/Sky system to do some of the earlier time-lapse shots, then Hyperfocal’s image-based, HDRI time-lapse skies from 2:20 onwards. Check it out: You can also view a preview, VR/360 degree video with some details in my last …

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Tweaking HDRI skies and time-lapses

gamma differences in blender HDRI rendering

I do like to talk up how great our HDRI skies are for 1-step image based lighting and how you don’t need additional lights and so on, however every project is different and sometimes you might like to tweak a few things! Over the years I’ve had a number of emails …

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Clamped MDRIs vs Un-Clamped HDRIs.

What are clamped or un-clamped HDRIs? I’ve been writing about this a lot lately as I think HDRIs in general are often used only for ambient lighting, when in fact if shot correctly, they can be used in a much simpler (and more realistic), 1-step lighting workflow. Originally I made …

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Flickering in Time-Lapse HDR IBL

I often mention flickering as part of our time-lapse HDRI sky dome products – I don’t want anyone to have any unpleasant surprises prior to purchasing, and I’d like people to know what to expect if they choose a time-lapse that features flickering, so they can factor it into their …

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Sunset to Night HDRI Time-Lapse Sky Dome

Just completed finishing up the longest time-lapse I’ve put together yet. I’m quite happy with it, as its a blend from an interesting afternoon/sunset to night, with little flickering. Its 870 frames or 29 seconds at 30fps and featured a couple of complex blends around twilight/night time. To account for …

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Free Samples for Day Length, HDRI Time-Lapse Sky!

In-case you missed it, I finally released samples for a day length, time-lapse HDRI sky dome! They are from the time-lapse below: Provided in the sample time-lapse are frames 1-586 from a full, day length HDRI time-lapse sky. The frames are provided at a rather small 1024×512 resolution, as even half resolution frames …

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