HDRI Environment Maps

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  • 23 of the highest resolution HDRI maps available.
  • Realistically light your scene using HDR image based lighting.
  • 10,000 x 5,000 pixel panoramas
  • Includes a flexible & varied collection of environments, from city to coast
  • High Dynamic Range: Up to 20 stops
  • Format: Lat/Long Spherical
  • File Type: EXR and HDR
  • Each HDRI map contains a full size .exr and .hdr, LDR Jpg and small lighting HDR
  • Royalty Free

2 Bonus High Resolution HDRI Skies Included! (value $70)

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High Dynamic Range Environment Maps

Hyperfocal Design’s environment maps offer superb quality, high resolution and high dynamic range. HDRIs are perfect for quick, accurate and realistic lighting and reflections, and provide increased flexibility in retouching and post processing. Our HDRs expose detail in everything from dark shadows to the bright sun – this enables accurate light color, specular highlights and reflections that pop in a highly realistic fashion.

hdri skies range


We use only the best quality hardware and software to give you professional-grade images that require no touching up, dust removal or fixing of seams or other artifacts. Every square inch of every image is inspected at maximum resolution so you don’t have to.

High-Resolution HDRI Environments

Our high-resolution maps enable you to use longer zooms for backgrounds and reflection close-ups without loss of detail.

hdr maps

Time of Day, Weather Conditions and Locations

Check out the catalogue for a full breakdown of every image. Environments features HDR images of coastlines, grassy hills, buildings, forests, tunnels and more. Panoramas have been shot at times varying from full sun to sunset.

Choose Your Exposure Level

Unlike LDR backgrounds, HDRs enable artists to choose the exposure level, allowing you to create blown out looking bright days or silhouetted sunsets that aren’t washed out or grey.

hdr map exposures


Hyperfocal’s HDR Environments are compatible with all leading software and plugins that supports .hdr (radiance map) or .exr files. This includes all major 2d and 3d applications such as HDRShop, Adobe CS2+, 3dsmax, Lightwave, Softimage XSI, Maya and Mental Ray, Cinema 4D and more.

HDRI Tutorials

Follow HDR tutorials supplied by Hyperfocal Design and other websites over at our HDRI tutorials section.

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