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Over 90 high resolution, seamless, high quality terrain textures in the following categories:

  • Grass textures: green, dead, patchy, long, short, sparse and other grass terrains.
  • Dirt textures: light and dark dirt, cracked mud, mulch and other dirt terrains
  • Gravel & Pebbles: Fine, rough, mixed, with dirt, pebbles and other gravel terrains
  • Sand textures: Sand, rippled sand, red sand, seaweed and other sand terrains
  • Misc terrain textures: Barkchips, forest floor, leaf cover, ivy, straw
  • Rock & Stone: Limestone, Rock faces, Stone and other rock terrains
  • Resolution: Majority @ 2048X2048 pixels
  • 24 bit RGB High Quality JPEGs
  • Thumbnail Browser for quick and easy viewing
  • Bonus: 2 medium resolution skies from Hyperfocal Skies
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Hyperfocal Terrains features 92 high quality, high resolution terrain textures. The textures included provide a range of common and some not so common terrain textures found in outdoor environments. The majority of textures are provided as 2048X2048 resolution, and a small number of textures are also provided in various resolutions ranging up to 4096X4096.

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Hyperfocal Terrains includes a wide range of terrains and ground covers to suit any outdoor scene. Textures are provided in 24 bit RGB, High Quality JPEG format and compatible with any 2d or 3d package.

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Hyperfocal Terrains is available for instant download. Textures included in Hyperfocal Terrains are royalty free and are compatible with all major graphics applications on PC and Mac.

As a bonus feature and preview, two medium resolution skies have been included from Hyperfocal Design’s Skies texture collection.

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USD $79