Making Of Gloria Victis

Benjamin Bardou has released the making-of for Gloria Victis, which you can watch here: I emailed Ben with a few questions surrounding the creation of the film. What is your background and skill set? I’m living and working in Paris, France. I had an artistic education. I’m specialized in matte …

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gloria victis

Benjamin Bardou’s Gloria Victis and Other Works

Benjamin Bardou’s short film, Gloria Victis, is finally out now! Ben used VRay’s Sun/Sky system to do some of the earlier time-lapse shots, then Hyperfocal’s image-based, HDRI time-lapse skies from 2:20 onwards. Check it out: You can also view a preview, VR/360 degree video with some details in my last …

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Sean O’Malley Interview

*this is quite an old article now! The AHDRIA links are down/broken, I assume due to software like DSLR Remote and other similar, user friendly options becoming available.   An interview with Sean O’Malley By Jay Weston Can you introduce yourself to our readers? As for my background, I have …

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Interview with Nick Bertke

Nick, for people who haven’t been following your work, can you please bring them up to speed on what you have been up to? What I’ve been doing for the past few months now is rendering computer generated characters and vehicles into real-life photographs; particularly things from the game Half …

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