Manuel Mousiol’s Time-Lapse HDRI Car Animation

Manuel Mousiol contacted me the other day to share his time-lapse HDRI car animation. Manuel’s company, Creative Control likes to work on passion projects in their spare time, and this result is certainly one of the best examples I’ve seen utilizing Hyperfocal’s time-lapses. Manuel has 10 years of experience rendering ...

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Hyperfocal Skies in Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Digital Illusions and published by EA for the PC. Digital Illusions used a range of sky textures from both the original Skies collection and the new Skies 2 collection. The developers have taken each sky texture and modified it to work ...

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HDRI in DoD Source

This is a somewhat old article now, although the information is accurate and provides a valuable comparison of HDR vs LDR in games. For the current state of HDR in Valve’s games, look at this wiki. While this latest iteration of Day of Defeat is now graphically up to scratch ...

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