Bardou’s Gloria Victis with Hyperfocal’s Time-Lapse Skies

Check out this cool little 360 degree video teaser (click and drag to pan around) for Gloria Victis by Benjamin Bardou:

Translated from Ben’s video with Google (you’ll need to somewhat translate a bit yourself!):

“VICTIS GLORIA (Glory to the Vanquished) is a short film of 5 minutes in which the action takes place at the Louvre Museum in the Cour Marly.
This film by the assembly of synthetic images, paintings and film clips reinterpretation of history from the perspective of the vanquished.

‘That’s what I like in general cinema.
Saturation wonderful signs that bathe
in the light of their lack of explanation.’
Manoel de Oliveira

Write history with grain-hair is a difficult task as the modern individual is driven by the storm of progress. This movement seems immutable, positive and sure of himself.
According to Nietzsche true virtue is to stand up against the tyranny of reality and swim against the historical current.

In his Histoire (s) du Cinéma, Godard magnificently to this challenge. Working with the same material film, namely movies and mount technology he told another story of men and the world.

This is, with the film Gloria Victis, detect another image of the past by the citation concept. This implies that the historical object, whatever it may be either torn from the context that is his.

The new arrangement of these elements should cause an explosion, an image that arises in a moment, in a flash, to form a constellation. In this image the past meets the Now and past Defeated can then be saved.”

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