VHDRI Magic Hours – Sunset HDRI Skies


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Magic Hours is an HDRI sunset and twilight sky collection consisting entirely of skies shot 1-2 hours before or after sunset. Add light, color and warmth to your scenes. These photographed HDRI sky domes were shot in the land of vast, big, blue skies, South Australia. Shot on the coast, on a cliff top, the result is clear skies in all directions and no unwanted landscape elements.

  • V-HDRI: Very high resolution. Due to the time of day, dynamic range is mostly 5-8 stops for twilight skies and 8-16 for sunset HDRs.
  • 20 HDRI sunset, twilight and night skies that range from clear to cloudy, stormy, and overcast
  • 14,000 X 7,000 pixels
  • Sun Aligned (swap HDRIs and retain sun position)
  • Format: Lat/Long Spherical
  • File Type: EXR and HDR

Bonus: Includes one FREE 10,000 X 5,000 pixel HDR night sky (contains minor star trails in areas).
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“The sunset HDRIs are simply gorgeous, I now use the HDRIs on all my architectural viz stuff. It makes the lighting so much more simple!”
– Matt Lester, 3DViz

hdri sunset render
Image Courtesy Archangel Visual

Magic Hour Sunset HDRs

We photographed dozens of sunset panoramas, waited for hours for that perfect moment, and discarded more than we kept, so that you are left with this magical collection of sunset HDRs. This unique collection features skies from South Australia – famous for its clear blue skies and amazing, colorful sunsets. Dynamic range for these skies is un-clamped and varies from low for twilight skies up to 16 stops for skies where the sun is un-obscured.

hdr sunset

hdri sunset 2

Two examples of sunset HDRIs from Magic Hours. For the full catalogue, click here.

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