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skies 2 sky texture collection

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  • 65 sky texture maps in various times of day and weather conditions
  • Resolution: 12000X4000 pixels
  • 51 photographic quality, hemispherical sky textures in High Quality JPEG format
  • 11 alpha mapped, 360 degree photographic Horizon Textures, in 32 bit TGA format
  • 3 complimentary CG tiling alpha masked cloud textures in 32 bit TGA format
  • Remastered! This image collection has been enhanced from the original. Read more below.

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“If you compare the number of images you receive, the quality, the variety and price, you will find this collection pretty hard to beat.”
– Jeff Mottle CGArchitect.com

Hyperfocal Sky Texture Maps Feature:

  • Super high resolution – 12,000 by 4,000 pixels on average makes for crystal clear images.
  • Clean images – Don’t let image artifacts ruin your scenes – get skies that add to the mood and appeal of your scene.
  • Instant Download
  • An aesthetic edge – Set yourself apart from the crowd with beautiful magic hour skies, hand picked after evaluating hundreds of days that turn into dusk, or pick from subtle skies that complement and finish your scenes.
  • Reliability – We are the ONLY company in the CG industry offering an unlimited 100% money back guarantee.
  • Flexibility – Sunny, overcast, partially cloudy, sunsets, and everything in between. Check out our image viewer to see the entire collection.
  • Trust – Architects from all over use our sky textures, as do film makers such as Warner Brothers and software giants such as EA games (Battlefield 2).
  • Compatibility – All the major software applications are supported.

skies 2 sky texture


This older image collection has been enhanced from the original collection. Digital cameras have advanced leaps and bounds over the years, as have LCD monitors capable of more accurate colour and brightness depiction. Our own skill in putting these panoramas together have also increased from over 10 years of experience. We spent weeks remastering these images, scouring every pixel to find every possible artifact.

Remastered skies feature:

  • Sun aligned. No need to swap skies and rotate your image around to match sun position
  • Reduced or eliminated banding
  • Noise reduction (in special Filtered folders, in case you prefer some grain)
  • Resized for hemispherical dimensions
  • Downsized for decreased pixel size
  • Removed all horizon elements
  • Reduced or removed lens flares, hot pixels, birds, seams, etc
  • Added black lower half for easy spherical environment integration

Weather and Time of Day

Hyperfocal sky textures include a wide range of times of day and weather conditions to suit any scene. Hyperfocal Skies are mappable onto a hemisphere, cylinder or background. Provided in 24 bit RGB, High Quality JPEG format and compatible with any 2d or 3d package.

sky texture map

“The skies were great and really allowed us to get some nice drama and mood into the shots”
– Dave McDonnell, Blinkworks

You Get…

51 Sky Textures Including:

  • 4 Clear Skies (completely blue skies or very sparse coverage)
  • 11 Cloudy Skies (low and high cloud cover)
  • 4 Overcast Skies (complete cloud coverage)
  • 2 Night Skies
  • 6 Twilight Skies
  • 20 Sunset/Sunrise Skies
  • 1 Sunset Sky sequence comprising 3 hemispherical sunsets taken in 15 minute increments
  • 1 Stormy Sky

11 Horizons (32-bit) with Alpha Channels

  • UV Map onto a cylinder or merge with Hyperfocal sky textures
  • Mix and match our horizon and sky textures with Hyperfocal alpha texture maps.
  • Between 10,000 and 12,000 pixels wide
  • Sky Horizon Locations include:
  • 3 seaside
  • 3 trees/town
  • 1 woods
  • 1 flat plain

“Could you inform us when you have more skies available? We love them”
– Oscar Carlen, Artist on Battlefield 2

The following are the approximate longest lenses usable before quality loss appears:

  • PC Games @ 1024X768, max zoom = 100mm (FOV of 90 = 18mm lens)
  • TV @ 640X480, max zoom = 200mm
  • Film @ 1230 X 680, max zoom = 150mm
  • Digital Film @ 2000X1000, max zoom = 90mm

skies 2 sky texture zoom

“Quick, brilliant results with zero hassle”
-Eric Bailey, Artist for Live for Speed

Price: USD $197

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