Unity HDRIs: V-HDRI Skies for Skyshop

Witness HDRI in realtime for the Unity game engine, with Marmoset’s Skyshop and Hyperfocal Design’s V-HDRI Skies!

Skyshop enables optimized HDRIs inside Unity for real time games, architectural visualisation and more. Hyperfocal Design has created these downsized versions of our V-HDRI Skies to work with Skyshop and Unity to light up your scenes in realtime!

Unity HDRI Skies

USD $95

View the image catalogue on the Unity Asset Store

USD $100

View the image catalogue on the Unity Asset Store

Unity HDRI Skies


  • High resolution, photographic, high dynamic range sky hemispheres @ 4096X2048 pixels
  • HDRIs are provided in their original .HDR format, allowing you to use them in any future implementation of HDRI within Unity3d and SkyShop.
  • Varied times of day and weather conditions.
  • Perfect sky domes with no foreground/midground elements such as trees, buildings, hills, etc.
  • Use SkyShops “render to cubemap” to merge your game’s environment and Hyperfocal skies for seamless lighting and reflections*
  • Super high quality images. No seams, birds, dust, grain or other image artifacts.
  • Extreme accuracy and realism, up to 16 stops of dynamic range covering the full range of light values (optimized for RGBM format once imported into SkyShop).
  • Pre-placed directional light prefabs that match each sky’s sun orientation and color.

*please check SkyShop’s latest implementation of this feature on Unity Pro vs Free for details.
Marmoset’s Skyshop is required for VHDRI Skies to function, you can view more information and purchase here.

A selection of screenshots showing Marmoset’s motorbike being lit in real-time in Unity with Hyperfocal’s HDRI skies:

motorbike screenshot, lit in unity by a hdri sky

Unity screenshot. V-HDRI Real time Sky

V-HDRI Real time Skies