Time-Lapse LDR Sky. Night.

Night | Time-Lapse LDR Sky Dome

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$179.00 USD

Hyperfocal Design provided us with an exceptionally good product that really helped our work immensely.

– Antonio Kotzias, Yafka Studio.

DescriptionA non-HDRI night sky (this is not HDR as it contains no bright sun or moon). Contains thin cloud partially covering a starry sky at night. The cloud is illuminated by distant city lights. Cloud cover begins thin and becomes thicker.
Resolution9500x4750 (bottom half is blended to black, mirrored at the horizon line)
Dynamic range (EV)1-2 (LDR)
Time FrameNight (11pm - 2am)
WeatherLight Cloud > Medium Cloud
Frame capture rate1 every 30 seconds
Frame blend-ableYes. Some minor warping may occur.
Background elementsNone
Colour correctedColor balanced for blue night sky and orange cloud.
Sun Aligned-
Price$179.00 | Shipping & USB + $49
Price per HDRI Sky Frame$0.55c
File Size8gb. Use Speedtest.net & Numion to estimate download time.
NotesContains a mirrored blend on the horizon line to reduce any chance of seeing the black lower half of the image.

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