Time-Lapse HDRI Sky. Half Day Cloudy 01

Half Day Cloudy | Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Dome

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$229.00 USD

Now included as part of Full Day Cloudy 01.
This time-lapse can be used on its own or blended with Full Day Cloudy 01 to give that time-lapse a cloudy ending.

1-Step Image Based Lighting. No virtual sun or gamma adjustments required for direct lighting or sharp shadows. Un-Clamped HDRI - Shot using dense ND filters to properly expose the sun, giving bright highlights and sharp shadows. Linear gamma 1.0 Color corrected with SpyderCheckr(TM) for accurate color
1-Step IBL Un-Clamped Linear Gamma Color Corrected
DescriptionA fast time-lapse that goes from midday to sunset. Features flickering due to fast lighting changes. Recommended to be used only for ambient lighting or as part of a more involved lighting workflow.
Resolution9500x4750 (bottom half is black)
Dynamic range (EV)16 (full sun) > 1 (sunset)
Time FrameHalf Day Length (12:00pm - 7:30pm)
WeatherCloudy > Clear
Frame capture rate1 per minute
Frame blend-ableNo.
Background elementsNone
Colour correctedYes, SpyderCheckr(TM) color balanced
Gamma1.0, Linear color space
Sun AlignedYes - Sun always sets center of frame
Price$229.00 | Shipping & USB + $49
Price per HDRI Sky Frame$0.73c
File Size9gb. Use Speedtest.net & Numion to estimate download time.

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