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Free Sample HDRI from City Lights

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HDRI: High Dynamic Range, High Resolution Studio Lights

  • Perfect for hand crafting HDR Environments with software such as HDR Light Studio
  • Collection includes 30 high quality image maps (28 HDRI maps + 2 bonus night sky images)
  • Includes various individual images of buildings, offices, windows and other light sources as photographed at night.
  • Dynamic Range: Up to 17 stops
  • Format: Individual rectangular HDRI texture maps to be UV mapped onto planes/geometry. Note that City Lights is not a spherical environment map set, each light source/HDR is designed to be placed individually within your scene for maximum creative control.
  • File Types: EXR and HDR

Bonus: Two night sky images from Hyperfocal’s Night Sky collections

High Resolution Studio HDR Maps, includes:

  • up to 2300 X 3300 pixel HDRIs in EXR format
  • half res HDRIs for reflection maps
  • full res LDR background plates
  • small, 1-200 pixel, diffuse lighting HDRIs

Invidividual HDRI City Light Maps

USD $9.50


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Studio Style, Individual HDRI Lights

Hyperfocal’s individual HDRI maps have advantages over using full spherical environments, especially when you want complete creative control over exactly where each light source, reflection and shadow has to fall . Hyperfocal’s HDRI City Light Maps can be used in any scene, and once applied to simple planes or geometry, they will create super realistic lighting and accurate, bright, contrasting reflections and highlights.

hdr map


Our HDRIs are photographed using only the highest quality digital cameras and lenses. Each and every image is meticulously inspected for any flaws, so you don’t have to.

BMW hdr
BMW Model Courtesy of Tyrant Monkey. Rendered in Blender Cycles.

Super High-Resolution HDRI Maps

Designed specifically for use in projects requiring very high resolution and super realistic lighting.

Depending on your 3d Software of choice, you can use just a single HDR map for reflections, lighting and background plates (VRay) or you can use a combination of supplied HDRI reflection maps, HDRI diffuse maps and background plates.

Each HDRI comes with:

  • up to 2300 X 3300 pixel HDRI in EXR format
  • half res HDRI reflection map
  • full res LDR background plate
  • small, 1-200 pixel, diffuse lighting HDRI
  • thumbnail image
  • example render showing lighting effect

* All images are unsharpened to allow you fine control over the end result



Backplates: When used as a background, City Lights HDRI maps allow for dynamic, changeable exposure with enough resolution to allow long camera zooms and top quality prints. HDR images react realistically when viewing through tinted glass, smoke, fog and all manner of environmental conditions. Alternatively you can use the supplied LDR .TGA backplates.

Photography: HDRI maps are much more flexible than ordinary LDR photos. Simulate whichever shutter speed you require – blown out and overexposed, or greatly underexposed for silhouettes. Note that most images taken in the City Lights collection were taken at night, and appear best at lower exposure levels.

Lighting: If your software supports it, use the high-resolution HDRI maps for maximum sharpness in your lighting and shadows. Or use the supplied, down sized/blurred HDRIs for diffuse lighting – perfect for night scenes with low light output.

Reflections: Lose the flat look that low dynamic range reflections produce, and see how much realism and contrast your reflections achieve with our industry leading HDRI maps.

Compatibility: Hyperfocal design’s HDRIs are compatible with any application on PC or Mac that supports .hdr or .exr files. This includes all major 2d and 3d applications such as HDRShop, CS2, 3dsmax, Lightwave, Softimage, Blender and so on.

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