Manuel Mousiol’s Time-Lapse HDRI Car Animation

Manuel Mousiol contacted me the other day to share his time-lapse HDRI car animation. Manuel’s company, Creative Control likes to work on passion projects in their spare time, and this result is certainly one of the best examples I’ve seen utilizing Hyperfocal’s time-lapses. Manuel has 10 years of experience rendering cars, and it shows!:

I thought it was also interesting to see the previous test animation rendered in spherical format:

You can see the difference between this and the above footage, where Manuel has supplemented the HDRI light source with a VRay sun to maintain more consistent lighting. For a full breakdown of how Manuel worked with the time-lapses in VRay, you can read the feature from Chaos Group here.

The level of flickering in each time-lapse HDRI sky will vary based on the cloud cover levels, and you can see for yourself what to expect from each preview video supplied in the time-lapse catalog page.

Thanks again to Manuel at Creative Control for sharing, we hope to see more in the future!

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