Hyperfocal Skies in Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Digital Illusions and published by EA for the PC. Digital Illusions used a range of sky textures from both the original Skies collection and the new Skies 2 collection. The developers have taken each sky texture and modified it to work perfectly with their environments, lighting, fog and graphics engine. The results are fantastic dramatic sky textures that have their own unique look which are distinctly “Battlefield 2”. When first person games such as this allow players to look in any direction at any time, it is important to have the best possible quality textures, which is why Digital Illusions chose a range of sky textures from Hyperfocal Design.
*please note that while a large percentage of skies from Battlefield 2 are Hyperfocal sky textures, there are some maps that do not feature them. Any maps/screenshots featuring sky textures from Hyperfocal Design have been modified to various degrees by the Digital Illusions team.

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