HDRI Tutorials

Clamped MDRIs vs Un-Clamped HDRIs.

What are clamped or un-clamped HDRIs? I’ve been writing about this a lot lately as I think HDRIs in general are often used only for ambient lighting, when in fact if shot correctly, they can be used in a much simpler (and more realistic), 1-step lighting workflow. Originally I made …

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32bit Sharpening for HDRI

Here’s another quick post if you’re interested in creating sharpened HDRIs (not tone-mapped HDRIs, which is pretty straight forward and actually LDR). The issue when sharpening an HDRI (a 32bit .hdr or .exr) is that software like Photoshop wasn’t built to sharpen 32bit, HDR images. So while most of your …

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Vray HDRI tutorial

*This tutorial is now quite a few years old, I suggest you only follow it if you own an older version of VRay. Check out this new VRay 3.0 tutorial by Timothy Back instead. Paco Morales, in conjunction with Hyperfocal Design and Vismasters, has created this in depth HDRI tutorial …

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