HDRI coastal environment and back plate tests

making of hdri car render

Its been a while since I created a new CG scene, and I had an entire HDR environment shoot + back plates that were burning a hole in Lightroom, doing absolutely nothing. The shoot is from early this year from the south of Adelaide (on the coast) here in South Australia, which, …

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Your free HDRI Sky Sample is Ready!

OK, here’s your free HDRI sky sample! Download it here Free HDRI Sky Dome. Do you use V-Ray 3? Tim Back from ArchAngel Visual put together a tutorial on how to use these HDRIs, which should get you up to speed if you need! Due to the very high dynamic …

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Almost Done!

You’ve just requested your free HDRI sky samples. Check your email and confirm your subscription to download the files. If you don’t receive any email, please check your spam folder to make sure it hasn’t ended up there. If you have any problems during the process please contact me and …

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Converting HDRI Day Skies to Night

converted day sky, now a night sky

Quite often I get people asking me about HDRI night sky maps, why my Night Sky collections aren’t HDR, why aren’t there many available, etc. I often answer that without a moon, a night sky isn’t naturally a HDRI. The brightness difference from the black night sky and the stars is within …

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Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes Catalogue

Below you’ll find videos of all 10 time-lapse skies. Click the titles to be taken to that time-lapse’s product page. All 10 are also available here as a bundle. If you have any further questions, consult the FAQ. Afternoon to Night 01 Afternoon Cloudy 01 Afternoon Slow 01 Day Cloudy 01 Day …

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Flickering in Time-Lapse HDR IBL

I often mention flickering as part of our time-lapse HDRI sky dome products – I don’t want anyone to have any unpleasant surprises prior to purchasing, and I’d like people to know what to expect if they choose a time-lapse that features flickering, so they can factor it into their …

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It’s about time! …lapses (the films below I mean)

Check out the following videos by some amazing time-lapse photographers, directors and CG artists! Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for your next animation or short film. The Third and the Seventh Watch this full-CG film and weep tears of silky, out-of-focus-then-in-focus-again bokeh joy. While not all about time …

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