Converting HDRI Day Skies to Night

converted day sky, now a night sky

Quite often I get people asking me about HDRI night sky maps, why my Night Sky collections aren’t HDR, why aren’t there many available, etc. I often answer that without a moon, a night sky isn’t naturally a HDRI. The brightness difference from the black night sky and the stars is within …

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Tweaking HDRI skies and time-lapses

gamma differences in blender HDRI rendering

I do like to talk up how great our HDRI skies are for 1-step image based lighting and how you don’t need additional lights and so on, however every project is different and sometimes you might like to tweak a few things! Over the years I’ve had a number of emails …

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HDR Footage and Frame Blending in After Effects

Here’s a quick and somewhat un-edited video I just put together on frame blending time-lapse HDRI with After Effects. Frame mixed issues with IBL Probably the only thing I didn’t really touch on in this video is the effect of frame-mixed HDRI frames on IBL, which is in a word, not good 🙂 …

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Understanding HDRI

First: LDRI To easily explain what HDRI is, we can compare it to an every day LDRI (low dynamic range image). LDR images are what we use commonly for photographs, the web, in print, 3d graphics, and on TV. As their name describes, they have a low dynamic range, which …

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