5 more skies + adding value to the HDRI Time-Lapse Sky bundle

5 new HDRI time-lapse sky domes are on the way shortly, making the total 10. I have wondered what to do with the current bundle of 5, and if I should make a new bundle of 5, but a few things made me think that just the one bundle would be better. First of all, for a while I’ve thought I should really bundle the Full Day and Half Day time-lapses together, as Full Day Cloudy ends with a clear sky. This way you can choose whether you want a clear or cloudy ending. Secondly, two bundles would be messy as there isn’t really a theme such as sunsets or days. Thirdly there’s a little bit of overlap between different skies, and I suppose the new Night time-lapse isn’t HDRI.

More Value

So, I’m happy to announce that the bundle will now contain all 10 time-lapses for the same $979 price. If you’ve purchased the bundle, you’ll be happy to know that of course you can download the new skies. I’m yet to figure out if you’ll get some auto update or if I’ll have to email you, but either way you’ll get a hold of them with no problem. I’m still not 100% sure about this price as its definitely one of the best value bundles I’ve ever released, and I may end up pushing it up by $1-300 in the future.

Finally to add even more value, I’m including some HD or 1440p resolution time-lapse “back plates” (not a full dome) shot on the Nikon 24-70mm lens, in case you’ve got a scene where you’re using a long lens and need some detailed background footage. The 4k+ versions I’ll be selling individually in the future for at least $1-200 each, probably in a mix of LDR and HDR formats. I still need to decide what movie format to offer these as well, so if you have any preference please let me know. Here’s a low res preview:

The new time-lapse sky domes

What do they look like then? Here’s the new 5 time-lapse HDRI sky domes:

Moon-less Night Sky

I shot this just the other day, just single frames without any bracketing for HDR. There was no moon and hence the frames don’t benefit from HDRI format. I’ll still provide them in EXR format as this format is much like Tiff but smaller, but you won’t get any sharp shadows just by the nature of this sky. Have a look:

Day Cloudy

This one starts out mostly clear with some rolling clouds on the horizon, then a front passes overhead. I’ve frame blended this one myself while it was still in dome format, to avoid any artifacts you can get from frame blending the lat/long version.

Twilight to Night

Here’s a twilight to night sky that worked out pretty nicely. The moon is only a quarter, so there’s not a huge amount of direct light coming from it:


Just managed to get this in between a couple of rain storms, and its a nice and long one that’s quite cloudy, with the sun popping out throughout:

Afternoon Cloudy

Great for frame blending to any speed time-lapse.

When are they out?

I’m notoriously bad for predicting release dates, but I’ll try! Considering how heinous uploading can be, I’m thinking maybe 3 weeks by the time I’ve fully assembled these and created all the preview footage to go with them. I’ll keep you updated, and as last time you’ll be able to take advantage of a ‘release week’ discount.

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