Free Samples for Day Length, HDRI Time-Lapse Sky!

In-case you missed it, I finally released samples for a day length, time-lapse HDRI sky dome! They are from the time-lapse below:

Provided in the sample time-lapse are frames 1-586 from a full, day length HDRI time-lapse sky. The frames are provided at a rather small 1024×512 resolution, as even half resolution frames are huge in file size. You will find that depending on the software or rendering method you are using, you may get some splotching or fireflies in IBL renders due to the very high dynamic range captured in these HDRIs. We recommend high importance sampling, unbiased or brute force rendering techniques to account for this. The full resolution 9500 pixel HDRIs will have less issues as well due to the larger sun. To demonstrate the difference and quality of a full resolution frame, there is one included – frame number 74. This frame is 9500×4750 pixels.

I’d love to hear what you think of these samples, and please share any animations or test renders you do with them.

You can download the free samples, which are licensed for non-commercial use only, via the link below.

Download the free timelapse HDRI sky dome from Hyperfocal Design’s website (Registration required)


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