All new sparkly blog-ness

Well, it only took me 10 years to begin a blog! When I started Hyperfocal Design 10 years ago, I worked in the background and stayed there, taking photos, publishing our sky textures and HDRI sets… Kind of like a hermit you might say! But now I’d like to say …

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Vray HDRI tutorial

*This tutorial is now quite a few years old, I suggest you only follow it if you own an older version of VRay. Check out this new VRay 3.0 tutorial by Timothy Back instead. Paco Morales, in conjunction with Hyperfocal Design and Vismasters, has created this in depth HDRI tutorial …

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Understanding HDRI

First: LDRI To easily explain what HDRI is, we can compare it to an every day LDRI (low dynamic range image). LDR images are what we use commonly for photographs, the web, in print, 3d graphics, and on TV. As their name describes, they have a low dynamic range, which …

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