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here I am!
here I am!

Well, it only took me 10 years to begin a blog! When I started Hyperfocal Design 10 years ago, I worked in the background and stayed there, taking photos, publishing our sky textures and HDRI sets… Kind of like a hermit you might say! But now I’d like to say hello, get my head out of the sand and share what I’m up to…

New Blog, Facebook, Newsletters.

Something I’ve really enjoyed lately is connecting more with our customers, and this is part of the reason I’ve decided to get more active in social media, blogging and generally sharing what I’m up to. So from now on, if you’re subscribed to the Hyperfocal newsletter, you can expect a higher frequency of posts, hopefully full of interesting resources, making-ofs, tutorials and so on! Click here to sign up now.

New skies, Remastering

I have new sky sets in development, one which I’m particularly excited to share, but also slightly overwhelmed with! I’ll be sharing that next time. Hint, its not static HDRI Skies!

I’ve also been staring at pixels a *lot*. Last month I decided to remaster our oldest sky collections (scroll down for details), Skies 1 and 2, as the hardware and software back then was a little lacking. 2-3 weeks later, I decided to have another look at our HDRIs as well. While they stood up much better, I’m fairly sure this new ProArt monitor I got last year has really brought out every tiny detail and imperfection. So… yep, every single HDRI in the entire product range is getting remastered! Typically the imperfections are quite minor, but I’ll do anything to make our images as perfect as possible. I want Hyperfocal’s images to be the best, its part of the reason I started Hyperfocal 10 years ago – I couldn’t believe the low quality assets that were out there. Errors in stock textures and models take far too long to correct!

So now I’m even more confident to say I truly think we have the best quality HDRIs out there.

Stay in Touch!

If you’re a Hyperfocal customer, new reader or 3d artist, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you’re working on, what you’re looking for in HDRI, what problems you face, or what you’d like help with and I’ll try my best!

All the best with your artwork, projects and business!

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