Camera Setup for HDR Time-Lapse Sky Capture

Camera Setup for HDR Time-Lapse Skies and Image Based Lighting

Recorded this quite a few days ago and just uploaded the video now. It covers everything from the camera body to the lens, ND filters, the Promote-Control, camera settings (which may be about to change slightly) and more.

Have a look if you are technically or photographically inclined!

I’ve just begun a new range of tests with my camera setup to judge the effects of things like 1-3 EV gaps and a more stopped down aperture. The dynamic range is good but I might need to get another stop out of it after seeing the first tests and getting some feedback. I’ll do a quick post which should interest anyone who does HDR photography for image based lighting, and should serve as a good guide for what a low (but apparently high) dynamic range render can look like if its lacking in range.

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  1. Hi Jay,

    I have been following your interesting posts regarding animated HRD’s. I would like to test and I kindly ask you, where I can download one sample of your HRD’s.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thanks! I’ve got quite a number of testers now so I won’t need any more right now, however I’ll certainly let you know when samples are available. It might be another week or two, as I’ve really only just started creating timelapses I’m happy with, and I’ll need to wait for the weather…!

  3. hi jay.

    am febin on of your fan ( Hardcore must say ) COZ am using yours HDRI images for my renderings if you can send me some of Hdri please

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