Tweaking HDRI skies and time-lapses

I do like to talk up how great our HDRI skies are for 1-step image based lighting and how you don’t need additional lights and so on, however every project is different and sometimes you might like to tweak a few things! Over the years I’ve had a number of emails ...

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HDR Footage and Frame Blending in After Effects

Here’s a quick and somewhat un-edited video I just put together on frame blending time-lapse HDRI with After Effects. Frame mixed issues with IBL Probably the only thing I didn’t really touch on in this video is the effect of frame-mixed HDRI frames on IBL, which is in a word, not good Because ...

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Clamped MDRIs vs Un-Clamped HDRIs.

What are clamped or un-clamped HDRIs? I’ve been writing about this a lot lately as I think HDRIs in general are often used only for ambient lighting, when in fact if shot correctly, they can be used in a much simpler (and more realistic), 1-step lighting workflow. Originally I made ...

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Flickering in Time-Lapse HDR IBL

I often mention flickering as part of our time-lapse HDRI sky dome products – I don’t want anyone to have any unpleasant surprises prior to purchasing, and I’d like people to know what to expect if they choose a time-lapse that features flickering, so they can factor it into their ...

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It’s about time! …lapses (the films below I mean)

Check out the following videos by some amazing time-lapse photographers, directors and CG artists! Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for your next animation or short film. The Third and the Seventh Watch this full-CG film and weep tears of silky, out-of-focus-then-in-focus-again bokeh joy. While not all about time ...

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Sunset to Night HDRI Time-Lapse Sky Dome

Just completed finishing up the longest time-lapse I’ve put together yet. I’m quite happy with it, as its a blend from an interesting afternoon/sunset to night, with little flickering. Its 870 frames or 29 seconds at 30fps and featured a couple of complex blends around twilight/night time. To account for ...

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