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Dusty sensors, image flickering and colour calibration

You might be asking – what’s been happening lately, why so slow with the updates? Mostly I’ve been battling a dust problem on the D800’s sensor, and that’s a complete show stopper when you have moving footage. Its even more of a show stopper when your sensor cleaning product makes ...

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Lens twisting to eliminate flickering on the D800 + Sigma 8mm

hdri sky render 2

My time lapse HDR sky project has hit a bit of a snag, and that snag is flickering. When using an aperture setting of f11, I’m getting flickering due to the aperture opening slightly differently each time, a common problem with time lapse and stop motion when using auto lenses ...

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Recreating “Direct HDR Capture of the Sun and Sky”

the parthenon virtual model

As I alluded to in my previous post, I have a HDR sky project I’m really excited about, but also a little scared! Namely… Timelapse, Hemispherical, HDRI Skies. A CG project I always admired was Paul Debevec’s and the USC/ICT Graphic Lab’s “Direct HDR Capture of the Sun and Sky”. ...

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