Flickering in Blender Octane Test Animation

So what I struggled with previously was flickering inside the camera due to the aperture not opening and closing the same amount every time. I’ve fixed that particular issue, and in this render below, flickering is actually caused by cloud movement blocking the sun every few frames or so: I’m …

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Day-Length Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes

Well it seems that the terrible terror of aperture flickering has been solved with a small sliver of plastic shoved into my lens! I’ll save that for another post! But this now enables me to shoot day time and day length time-lapses! So last weekend I spent a bit of …

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3rd Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Dome

This is another older HDRI sky shot at f3.5. As a test, I developed the NEFs with -2 exposure per bracket in order to try and get more dynamic range. However, I’ve since been informed that changing exposure like this doesn’t exactly achieve much, and results in a slight loss …

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