Full, Day Length, HDRI Time-Lapse Sky! For Realz This Time!

I’ve recently shot a full day-length HDRI sky time-lapse, and didn’t even get rained on (!), so I’m excited to share the preview video with you below. It goes from mostly overcast in the morning, to patchy cloud, to completely clear, which provides some nice variety.

Here it is:

I was also out this morning capturing a pre-dawn to sunrise sky without the ND filter (its impossible to capture low light levels with such a dense filter), for artists to blend with other time-lapses or use on its own. It’s more of a medium dynamic range sky (would require supplemental lighting), so I’m not exactly sure yet what will become of it – it was a bit of a test case. It looks pretty amazing though so I think it will be available alongside the other HDRI skies.

These two time lapses were assisted by my new (but old, 1980’s!), big, heavy, Gitzo tripod I picked up recently. Watching it get hit by gusting wind (and not move at all) during the day-length sky, I’m very happy with the stability! This will mean even sharper images to go with accurate colour and dynamic range – I’m super happy to say that these will be our best skies ever!

I’ll share the morning time-lapse as soon as I’ve put that together. I’m now working towards assembling the day-length sky so people can download and try it out for themselves. I’ll likely offer it at a reduced resolution and length as the file sizes are pretty big.

Really all that remains now before release is to shoot some more time-lapses and assemble them!

If you liked the video I’d love if you would share the word on Facebook, Twitter or maybe shout at the person next to you and say “hey check out the pretty moving sky!”.

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