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May 27th, 2009


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Hyperfocal Design Releases New VHDRI Skies Collection

Australia, SA, May 27th – Digital Art developer Hyperfocal Design offers its most ambitious product yet with its new “Very High Dynamic Range Skies” collection. The sky panoramas in VHDRI Skies weigh in at a huge 14,000 x 7,000 pixels with super high dynamic range – up to 17 stops. VHDRIs is the first product in what Hyperfocal plans to be its “V Series” of products, which will feature high resolution, super high dynamic range, and industry leading image quality.

Jay Weston, founder of Hyperfocal Design says, “I’m very proud to offer this new set to our customers, it is the culmination of years of experience shooting the highest quality HDRIs using the best hardware and software solutions available.”

Chris Nichols, author of Global Illumination: Exteriors and Interiors from Gnomon Workshop says, “These VHDRIs by Hyperfocal Design are different from most HDRI libraries in that they are created with a very high dynamic range exposure which is ideal for really accurate lighting.”

Chris was also kind enough to provide Hyperfocal customers with an expert overview and tutorial using the new VHDRIs in Vray and 3dsmax.

VHDRI Skies is available at Hyperfocal’s VMstore either as a physical or downloadable product, and retails for $297 USD.


About Hyperfocal Design

Hyperfocal Design specializes in creating high end HDRIs and textures for computer graphics professionals, and prides itself on delivering only the best artwork at the highest resolutions.

Hyperfocal’s customers include big names such as Digital Illusions, SteeleVFX, Codemasters and Fusion Creative.

For more information, visit the website at www.hyperfocaldesign.com/vhdri-skies

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