Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes – Press Pack

Press Pack: Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes, by Hyperfocal Design.

For release on or after 26th May 2014

This press pack, in PDF format

PDF Press Release

Images (zip contains CGI renders, logos, making-ofs, product images)

Trailer on Youtube

Fact Sheet

Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes

Footage of the sky shot in high dynamic range image (HDRI) format, photographed using a fisheye lens (pointed straight up) to capture the entire sky hemisphere. Photographed at a rate of one frame every 8-60 seconds to rapidly advance the passage of time, movement of clouds and sun across the sky. HDRI skies can be used in computer graphics as a background, and also to light the scene, in a process called image based lighting or IBL.


  • 9500 x 4750 px

  • Up to 16 EV dynamic range for bright highlights and sharp shadows.

  • Hemispherical lat/long

  • Un-Clamped HDRI. Artists do not need to provide additional supplemental lighting.

  • 1-Step lighting workflow.

  • EXR wavelet format for efficient storage without becoming lossy.

  • Linear gamma

  • Color corrected with Spydercheckr(™)

Skies available:

  • Afternoon2Night01: A cloudy sky that runs from the afternoon through to night. Contains 863 frames.

  • AfternoonSlow01: A slow moving, cloudy blue sky shot over a few hours – over 1200 frames.

  • FullDayCloudy01: A complete day from sunrise to sunset, goes from overcast to clear. 586 frames.

  • HalfDayCloudy01: Similar to the above, starting from midday with 310 frames.

  • Sunset2Dusk01: The very first HDRI sky captured, 359 frames that runs from sunset to dusk. Overcast.


  • Image based lighting and backgrounds for computer generated images, film, architectural visualisation, special effects and games development.

  • Sky replacement in film and stills.

  • Motion backgrounds and footage.



Time-Lapse Product Page

Free Samples (sign up required, 863 HDRI sample size frames + one full size frame)


Tutorial, Using Time-Lapse HDRIs in V-Ray 3


Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Products:



Time-Lapse Sky Domes: see above links

Client Work/Case Studies:

Wimberley House

Great Wall of China

Abandoned Apartments

Sun Dial on Coast


True HDRIs vs Clamped “MDR”


Blog (making of, challenges, test-renders, etc)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Hyperfocal Design Background:

Hyperfocal Design has been developing technically accurate sky textures and HDRI sky maps for computer graphics professionals since 2002. Hyperfocal offers un-clamped HDRI sky maps, photographed with thick neutral density filters to accurately capture the sun, and give artists a true 1-step, HDRI only lighting workflow, complete with bright highlights and sharp shadows. This is why companies as diverse as Warner Brothers in film, Electronic Arts in gaming, The Gnomon Workshop in 3-d training, and all manner of professionals choose Hyperfocal products when they need the ultimate HDRI sky or environment.

Jay Weston

Hyperfocal Design owner and principal photographer, Jay Weston began his career in 3D using Lightwave 3D, then moved in to games development for 5 years at Ratbag in Adelaide, Australia. He left to form Hyperfocal Design with a co-worker in 2002 and has been creating HDRI skies, texture maps and HDRI environments since. Hyperfocal Design now offers a range of almost 30 products for CG artists, film makers and games developers.

You can contact Jay at – jay at hyperfocaldesign dot com

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