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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 7th, 2005
Web Site: https://www.hyperfocaldesign.com

Hyperfocal Design Announces “HDRI Skies”

Australia, SA, October 7th – Hyperfocal Design is proud to announce the release of its new HDRI Skies range of products. These images allow for true realism and control in 3D renderings, and the resolution provided is the highest in the industry at 10,000X5,000 pixels. Each HDRI Sky can add instant, super realistic lighting to 3D scenes, with accurate reflections and a dynamic background that reacts realistically with semi-opaque surfaces such as tinted glass or atmospheric effects such as dust and smoke. HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image and each HDRI Sky contains a range of exposure values from extremely under exposed to over exposed, allowing artists to choose precisely the exposure or “shutter speed” required

Hyperfocal’s HDR Sky images are available individually in exr and hdr format, in large and medium resolutions. The skies can be used at high zoom levels for any application – print, film, games and more. The hemispherical HDRI Skies cover a range of time and weather conditions, and feature up to 16 stops of dynamic range.

Hyperfocal’s HDRI Skies are priced at $59 USD for the large version, and $39 for the medium resolution file. They are available for instant download from Hyperfocal’s VM Store. Each HDRI comes with the full resolution HDRI, a full resolution LDR, a small lighting HDRI and a preview JPG. Samples and sample artwork, along with a full product description and ordering information can be found on the Hyperfocal Design website.

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