V-Series: Night Skies 2 Press Release



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –August 26th, 2009


Email: jay@hyperfocaldesign.com

Web Site: https://www.hyperfocaldesign.com


Hyperfocal Design Announces “V-Series: Night Skies 2”

Australia, SA, August 26th – Hyperfocal Design is proud to announce the release of its second V-Series product, Night Skies 2. The V-Series range of products are designed to provide the very highest quality and resolution, enough to suit even the most demanding projects. V-Series’ signature features are super high resolution and in the case of HDRs, very high dynamic range. Night Skies 2 is available on DVD and contains 20 night and twilight images, including two bonus HDR moon images from Night Skies 1. The images in V-Series: Night Skies 2 measure 14,000X3,500 pixels in TIF and JPG formats.

The skies can be used at high zoom levels for any application – print, film, games and more. The hemispherical Night Skies cover a range of time and weather conditions and have been filtered for clean crisp images. Night sky textures are mappable onto a hemisphere, cylinder or background. Provided in 24 bit RGB, High Quality JPEG and TIF format and compatible with any 2d or 3d package.

The collection is available on DVD or for instant download from Hyperfocal’s VM Store for $197. Samples and sample artwork, along with a full product description and ordering information can be found on the Hyperfocal Design website.

Hyperfocal Design

Hyperfocal Design is a digital art developer founded in 2002 by Jay Weston and Andrew Francis and is located in South Australia. Hyperfocal Design specializes in creating textures for the computer graphics professional, and prides itself on delivering only the highest quality artwork at the highest resolutions. For more information, visit the website at www.hyperfocaldesign.com

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