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June 10th, 2008
Email: jay@hyperfocaldesign.com
Web Site: https://www.hyperfocaldesign.com

In Response to Popular Demand Hyperfocal Design Bundles Its Acclaimed HDRI Skies To Create Greater Value and Variety for 3D Professionals.

Australia, SA, June 10th – Digital Art developer Hyperfocal Design announces the release of its acclaimed HDRI Skies in 3 new collections:

“HDRI Skies: Best Sellers” – 12 of Hyperfocal’s best selling HDRIs.

“HDRI Skies: Volume 1” – 24 HDRIs featuring a balanced variety of sky conditions.

“HDRI HyperValue Bundle” – Hyperfocal’s entire HDRI sky range in one bundle.

Previously only available individually at $59 per texture, Hyperfocal Design has bundled its HDRI skies to provide greater accessibility and value to customers who require a large and balanced range of sky types and time of day.

These images allow for true realism and control in 3D renderings, and the resolution provided is amongst the highest in the industry at 10,000X5,000 pixels. Each HDRI Sky can add instant, super realistic lighting to 3D scenes, with accurate reflections and a dynamic background that reacts realistically with semi-opaque surfaces such as tinted glass or atmospheric effects such as dust and smoke. HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image and each HDRI Sky contains a range of exposure values from extremely under exposed to over exposed, allowing artists to choose precisely the exposure or “shutter speed” required.

HDRI Skies: Best Sellers retails for $157 USD
HDRI Skies: Volume 1 retails for $297 USD
Hypervalue Bundle: $397 USD

Each HDRI comes with the full resolution HDRI, a full resolution LDR, a small lighting HDRI and a preview JPG. Samples and sample artwork, along with a full product description and ordering information can be found on the Hyperfocal Design website,www.hyperfocaldesign.com.

About Hyperfocal Design
Hyperfocal Design is a digital art developer founded in 2002 by Jay Weston and Andrew Francis and is located in South Australia. Hyperfocal Design specializes in creating textures for the computer graphics professional, and prides itself on delivering only the highest quality artwork at the highest resolutions. Hyperfocal’s customers come from a variety of fields such as computer games, film and architectural visualization, and include big names such as Digital Illusions, SteeleVFX, Codemasters and Fusion Creative.

For more information, visit the website at www.hyperfocaldesign.com

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