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June 23rd, 2008
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Hyperfocal Design and 3d02 Team Up To Provide The Ultimate 1-2 Combination.

Australia, SA, June 23rd – Digital Art developer Hyperfocal Design and 3D model developer 3d02 have come together to offer customers of 3d02 a special limited time offer.

Jay Weston, founder of Hyperfocal Design says, “There’s really no other way to light large polished and shiny surfaces like cars- HDR images provide realism and flexibility that traditional lighting just can’t match. If you want your car models to be indistinguishable from a photo, HDRI is your best bet- its like lighting your models with “real life light”… because in fact, you are.”

Wesley Chow, founder of 3d02 informed his customers today that any purchase made of a 3D model from will come with a free medium resolution Hyperfocal Design HDRI sky, which retails at $39 a piece at

“We appreciate Hyperfocal Design’s artistic and technical merit, which is why we couldn’t resist their offer to provide our customers with their top notch HDRI skies. Its a fantastic bonus for our customers – not only do they get our amazing 3D models, but they get the lighting and backdrop to finish those models and have them looking ultra professional right away.”

Each HDRI comes with the full resolution HDRI, a full resolution LDR, a small lighting HDRI and a preview JPG. Samples and sample artwork, along with a full product description and ordering information can be found on the Hyperfocal Design website,

About Hyperfocal Design
Hyperfocal Design specializes in creating textures for the computer graphics professional, and prides itself on delivering only the highest quality artwork at the highest resolutions. Hyperfocal’s customers include big names such as Digital Illusions, SteeleVFX, Codemasters and Fusion Creative.

For more information, visit the website at

About 3d02
3d02 is a 3D model developer and reseller founded in 2001 at Bangkae, Bangkok. They are one of the premier stores of digital assets, offering ready to use 3d models and an open platform allowing artists to publish and sell their 3d modles online.

For more information, visit the website at

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