Fred Huergo’s Time Machine-esque time-lapse

Wanted to highlight Fred Huergo’s brilliant animation he was kind enough to share with me this week! I love the treatment he’s given this – kinda feel like I’m watching a scene from the original Time Machine movie as it has a retro air about it.

Check it out:

I asked Fred if he was keen to share a bit about the project:

“I was trying to recreate a timelapse effect and the final detail that was missing was showing the passage of time realistically – your timelapse worked beautifully. Love the flicker you get (even though you show how to remove it, I wanted to keep it in and embrace the photographic nature of time lapse).

As far as techniques, everything was made in SideFX Houdini, and rendered in Redshift.”

You can see more of Fred’s work on his website (

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