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My name is Jay Weston, the HDRI photographer here at Hyperfocal Design. I’m happy to offer you an FAU student-only discount on my latest and most accurate HDRI collection to date. I hope this makes it more affordable for you to include super high quality, realistic lighting into your CGI visualisations.

I’ve arranged a 75% discount with FAU, so you can purchase our collection, “HDRI Sky Moments” for only $45 (was $179). You can take advantage of this discount by entering the coupon code provided via verification with your fau.edu email.

HDRI Sky Moments Sampler

You can check out more details about the collection here. The short version is that these are the most accurately photographed HDRIs available today, shot with full-color correction, dense ND filters and the highest quality camera gear. The result is HDRIs that accurately capture the sun to provide 1-step image-based lighting, which requires no supplemental light sources.

Click here to buy now with your discount. *Enter the code provided to you by your faculty member into the COUPON field.

If this is still not affordable for you, I’d like to present two options to you:

  1. We provide free samples here:
    1. Free HDRI Sky
    2. Free Animated HDRI Time-Lapse Skies
  2. Alternatively, I may be open to sharing HDRIs with you if you’ve got a particularly strong visual portfolio and are willing to work with me in some manner. Please email me from your FAU account at jay@hyperfocaldesign.com with a link to your online portfolio to talk about details.

Want to know more about the HDRIs?

I followed in the footsteps of computer graphics researcher, Paul Debevec in order to create my latest HDRIs, here’s where I began: https://www.hyperfocaldesign.com/hdri/hdri-footage/recreating-direct-hdr-capture-sun-sky/

You can follow the rest by reading through my blog. Another very interesting and valuable resource is Paul’s “Direct Capture of Sun and Sky” paper. Highly recommended especially for the technical among you!

Good luck with your studies and please let me know if I can help in any way. You can email me at jay@hyperfocaldesign.com

Jay Weston

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