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New time-lapse samples coming soon + test animation

In case you missed it the other week, free HDRI time-lapse samples were made available to download by signing up here. Since releasing these day length samples, I’ve decided that they probably weren’t the best choice, as the super fast cloud motion means there is some fairly intense flickering visible ...

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Dusty sensors, image flickering and colour calibration

You might be asking – what’s been happening lately, why so slow with the updates? Mostly I’ve been battling a dust problem on the D800’s sensor, and that’s a complete show stopper when you have moving footage. Its even more of a show stopper when your sensor cleaning product makes ...

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Lens twisting to eliminate flickering on the D800 + Sigma 8mm

hdri sky render 2

My time lapse HDR sky project has hit a bit of a snag, and that snag is flickering. When using an aperture setting of f11, I’m getting flickering due to the aperture opening slightly differently each time, a common problem with time lapse and stop motion when using auto lenses ...

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