HDRI Sky Moments: Half Day Cloudy 01

This product contains a selection of 25 frames from the original half day time-lapse. When viewing the sky/lighting previews above, you may notice some skies look very similar to each other. Some frames have been intentionally grouped closely together in time/appearance, but with variations in dynamic range/sun visibility. This provides similar looking skies but with varied sun strength, light/shadow contrast, highlight brightness and shadow sharpness to choose from. Contains the most variation in dynamic range from all the Moments collections.

Contains a dozen bonus frames from Sunset2Dusk01

$147.00 USD

1-Step Image Based Lighting. No virtual sun or gamma adjustments required for direct lighting or sharp shadows. Un-Clamped HDRI - Shot using dense ND filters to properly expose the sun, giving bright highlights and sharp shadows. Linear gamma 1.0 Color corrected with SpyderCheckr(TM) for accurate color
1-Step IBL Un-Clamped Linear Gamma Color Corrected
Description25 individual, hand picked frames from the time-lapse. Contains the most variation in dynamic range in the "Moments" series, due to constantly changing dynamic range/cloud cover changes.
Resolution9500x4750 (bottom half is black)
Dynamic range (EV)16 (full sun) > 2 (overcast)
Time FrameMid Day to Sunset
Frame capture rate-
Frame blend-able-
Background elementsNone
Colour correctedYes, SpyderCheckr(TM) color balanced
Gamma1.0, Linear color space
Sun AlignedYes - Sun always sets center of frame
Price per HDRI Sky Frame$5.88
File Size500mb. Use Speedtest.net and Numion to determine how long your download may take.

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