HDRI Sky Moments: Afternoon2Night01

This product contains a selection of 25 frames from the original time-lapse that runs from afternoon to night. When viewing the sky/lighting previews above, you may notice some skies look very similar to each other. Some frames have been intentionally grouped closely together in time/appearance, but with variations in dynamic range/sun visibility. This provides similar looking skies but with varied sun strength, light/shadow contrast, highlight brightness and shadow sharpness to choose from.

Contains a dozen bonus frames from Sunset2Dusk01

$147.00 USD

1-Step Image Based Lighting. No virtual sun or gamma adjustments required for direct lighting or sharp shadows. Un-Clamped HDRI - Shot using dense ND filters to properly expose the sun, giving bright highlights and sharp shadows. Linear gamma 1.0 Color corrected with SpyderCheckr(TM) for accurate color
1-Step IBL Un-Clamped Linear Gamma Color Corrected
Description25 individual, hand picked frames from the time-lapse. Begins overcast, becomes partly cloudy, then clear during sunset. After sunset it becomes increasingly cloudy, and the moon provides some subtle lighting. Ends overcast. 9500x4750 (bottom half is black)
Resolution9500x4750 (bottom half is black)
Dynamic range (EV)1 (overcast) > 15 (full sun) > 1 (twilight) > 6 (moon light)
Time FrameAfternoon to Night (3pm - 10pm)
WeatherOvercast > Cloudy > Clear > Cloudy > Overcast
Frame capture rate-
Frame blend-able-
Background elementsNone
Colour correctedYes, SpyderCheckr(TM) color balanced
Gamma1.0, Linear color space
Sun AlignedYes - Sun always sets center of frame
Price per HDRI Sky Frame$0.32c
File Size1.2gb. Use Speedtest.net and Numion to determine how long your download may take.

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