Archangel Visual and Hyperfocal HDRIs

Timothy Back from Queensland, Australia has won the Vismasters Image of the Week competition with this super realistic and moody sunset rendering. Tim used Hyperfocal’s clear sunset HDRI to achieve the lighting – the shadows of the trees and the quality of light looks fantastic. Thanks to Tim from Archangel Visual for bringing this to our attention. You can check out his stunning portfolio at

Timothy Back: “This is one of a range of images I am producing for a friend who is building this house in North Queensland Australia. I was focusing on the trees, specifically trying to get a Queensland feel to them and some dramatic lighting which was achieved through a HDRI from Hyperfocal. The scene is lit almost completely with the HDRI, it is loaded into a VRay dome light. The only other lights in the scene are two VRay IES lights at the entrance. All those direct shadows are the HDRI, no supplementing direct light whatsoever. “