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Sky Textures and HDRI Sky Maps Since 2002

Hyperfocal Design have been developing technically accurate sky textures and HDRI sky maps for computer graphics professionals since 2002. Hyperfocal offers un-clamped HDRI sky maps, photographed with thick neutral density filters to accurately capture the sun, and give artists a true 1-step, HDRI only lighting workflow, complete with bright highlights and sharp shadows. This is why companies as diverse as Warner Brothers in film, Electronic Arts in gaming, The Gnomon Workshop in 3-d training, and all manner of professionals choose Hyperfocal products when they need the ultimate HDRI sky or environment. See what our customers say about us below, check out our range of products on the side menu, or enjoy our complimentary range of tutorials and samples, here.



Hyperfocal Night Skies 2 in Requiem 2019, a film directed by Sil van der Woerd and Rutger Hauer.

Best Selling HDRI Sky Products

  • V Series Night Series HDRI Sky

    V-Series: NIGHT SKIES 2


    Our most popular, highest resolution night sky textures with bonus HDRI moon images

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  • Hyperfocal Design - HDRI Sky Maps for CG Artists



    An assortment of high resolution HDRI skies with very high dynamic range, and varied weather/times
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  • #1 HDRI Sky Maps for CG Artists​

    HDRI Sunset Skies


    A collection of sunset and twilight HDRI sky maps featuring very high resolution

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  • Best HDRI Sky Maps for CG Artists​

    Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes

    $2,400.00 $979.00

    Our latest HDRI sky product, time-lapse sky photography shot with extreme precision

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Hyperfocal Design Guarantees All Products

Here at Hyperfocal Design we believe you should be able to experience products personally before you make a decision. This way you can put our products to the test yourself, without relying on sales speak. If after purchasing any of our products, they don’t completely live up to your highest expectations, just return it at any time for a no questions asked refund. We use the highly trusted payment provider, FastSpring.

Hyperfocal Design: Dedication to Quality and Usability

Hyperfocal Design offers a range of sky textures and HDRI sky maps with true dedication to quality control and usability. Our skies are shot with the best hardware and lenses, the resulting images are scrutinized and edited with multiple passes to remove any unwanted artifacts or objects, and the horizon line is removed so you can use the sky HDRIs in any situation. We filter the sun with strong neutral density filters in order to capture the disc of the sun, meaning the HDRI is un-clamped and is usable without a supplemental, artificial light source.

We offer everything from sky textures (Hyperfocal Skies 1 and Hyperfocal Skies 2) and night sky textures (Night Skies 1 and Night Skies 2) to super high resolution, high dynamic range sky maps (our VHDRI Skies and Moments collections) to our brand new time-lapse HDRI sky domes, which feature animated skies that go from morning until night.

HDRI Sky Reviews from Satisfied Customers

“Hyperfocal Design provided us with an exceptionally good product that really helped our work immensely.”

– Antonio Kotzias, Yafka Studio

“You can never have enough HDR libraries, but now a days, what makes a good HDR is not only its technical quality but its artistic merit as well. The HDRI skies from Hyperfocal Design shows great technique, high res, great dynamic range, and high quality photography, with a wonderful aesthetic eye that will offer the users a great lighting resource.”

– Christopher Nichols, Author of Global Illumination: Exteriors and Interiors from The Gnomon Workshop

If you compare the number of images you receive, the quality, the variety and price, you will find this collection pretty hard to beat.”

– Jeff Mottle, CGArchitect.com

“Your sky collection is terrific and we have used them in several projects that have been on exhibit at several museums throughout the US and Europe including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) here in NY and the Louvre in Paris.”

– Brandon Hicks, MarchMade

“The skies were great and really allowed us to get some nice drama and mood into the shots”

– Dave McDonnell, Blinkworks

“Could you inform us when you have more skies available? We love them”

– Oscar Carlen, Artist on Battlefield 2

“Quick, brilliant results with zero hassle”

– Eric Bailey, Artist for Live for Speed

“With the quality and value that Hyperfocal is providing on this CD, expanding their offerings will guarantee them an expanding role as a serious force in the graphics and textures market. I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce in the future!”

– Andrew Smallwood, CGFocus.com

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