Free Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes

Download your free time-lapse HDRI sky samples

Sign up for free to receive samples of a HDRI time-lapse sky dome that runs from an afternoon to sunset to a moon-lit night. You’ll get 863 EXR frames @ 1024x512px, including a single, high resolution frame @ 9500x4750px! Check out the youtube video below to see the footage you’ll receive. You can sign up under the video to receive the download link.

Alternatively, you can download free samples for a full day-length time-lapse HDRI sky (500+ frames) by sharing on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Here’s the video footage for what you’ll receive for sharing:


This time-lapse sky may require additional work to reduce flickering (caused when the sun goes in and out of cloud frequently). Try clamping the sun, adjusting gamma or replacing with a virtual sun.

Available to buy from the product page here: HDRI Time-Lapse Sky Domes