Hyperfocal's Blender Tutorial + Free HDRI Sky


Our latest tutorial for Blender comes with a free HDRI sky from our V-HDRI Skies collection.

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Paco Morale's V-Ray Tutorial + Free Sunset HDRI

free hdri
Free Hyperfocal HDRI Sky

This Hyperfocal Sky HDRI is available free of charge and can be downloaded by entering your first name & email address in the form below. The original high resolution HDRIs measure 10,000X5,000 pixels, and are available from $59 each. This free version is provided at only 2048X1024, but will give you an excellent idea of what can be done with high performance HDRIs.

Sample HDRI Sky!


Inside You'll Find...
  • A free Hyperfocal Design HDRI "Magic Hour"sky ready to be plugged into any scene.
  • A free .3ds building model by Paco Morales
  • A step-by-step Vray tutorial on how to use HDRI maps with your first two gifts, complete with detailed "how to" imagery (it doesn't get much easier than this).
  • Links to other HDRI tutorials and hard to find resources
  • You'll learn how to create stunning shadows by tweaking a few key settings
  • You'll find what KIND of HDRI to use in your scenes and why
  • How to save bundles of time usually wasted on conventional lighting
  • How to avoid messy looking splotching and speckling effects that all HDRI scenes can suffer from
  • ... and more!


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Hyperfocal Design has been developing super high quality HDRI and sky texture maps since 2002. Our product range covers everything from hemispherical cloudy days to very high dynamic range sunsets and environment maps.

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